About Roman Journeys

I have been guiding since 1999. I moved from Sicily to Rome in 1986 to become a painting restorer, where I had the privilege to study with the Chief Director for the conservation program to the Sistine Chapel. Meantime I studied Classical Archaeology and Art History in Rome. While doing… Continue reading

Castel Gandolfo & Ariccia Palaces

Ariccia Chigi Palace

Seasoned visitors in Rome & longing to learn more? This is the perfect tour to take: spectacular views, intriguing stories related to Roman aristocratic families, popes & papal protégés. The setting is given by the generous green lands of the Alban Hills, the volcanic lakes and two marvelous villas designed… Continue reading

Piazzas & Fountains

Trevi Fountain

(Photo by RoyFokker – Wikimedia Commons) Have you just arrived and need to keep oriented? Not feeling comfortable with the city and wish to ask your guide for some help while picking up the first memories of your Roman journey? This is the best tour to take for its infinite… Continue reading