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I have been guiding since 1999. I moved from Sicily to Rome in 1986 to become a painting restorer, where I had the privilege to study with the Chief Director for the conservation program to the Sistine Chapel. Meantime I studied Classical Archaeology and Art History in Rome. While doing my researches I travelled extensively abroad, getting an international perspective. I spent two years in NYC, then UK, France, Greece, and Turkey. Back in Rome, I took a M.Phil. in Curatorial Studies, then the Ph.D. and Post-Doc. in Byzantine Studies. The scholarly and academic life in Rome were coupled with the class of High Renaissance Art at the Richmond University, Rome Program, I covered for a couple of years.

My mother tongue is Italian. Fluent in English, I speak French, while I’m still struggling with Greek. I’m married, with a lovely child.

Roman Journeys Private Walking Tours was born in 2014, after more than a decade spent on the “Roman paths”. While working for several companies, I felt I needed an intimate space where offering itineraries uniquely designed for those who are looking for a personal added value in what they do, and founded Roman Journeys. Be they first-time visitors or regular travelers, I wanted them to be offered the option to pick up what they like most of Rome & its outskirts. My tours can be based on any Rome theme, spanning from archaeology and art, to local cuisine.

I work with families and mobility-challenged individuals. Whether interested in the highlights of the city or an in depth look at its wonders, the focus is Rome’s unique atmosphere, consisting in its splendid archaeological sites, marvelous museums, breathtaking views and delicious food. With the typical Italian style, made out of courtesy and passion, I’m committed to getting people involved in an all around experience, which is informative and fun as well.

Tours run from 3-7 hours and can be done on foot, public transportation, or by private vehicle.

Please contact me at alessia@romanjourneys.com or visit my contacts page.

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