St Peter’s & Vatican City from Above

St. Peter

(Photo by Karin Cox)

The magical enchantment of Rome can be captured from above only! This tour is for those who like Rome as an ensemble of red roofs and green spots; huge domes blended in a unique nuance of colors.
St. Peter intThis tour is dedicated to those who like taking pictures and are not afraid of hiking 352 steps to reach the terrace of St Peter’s Cathedral, being the dome the first wonder to be visited, to appreciate Michelangelo’s infinite mastery in designing it.

From the top we get the unique chance to learn something about Vatican City, the papal gardens and Papa Francesco’s residence. St Peter’s Cathedral will be visited together with the marvelous Piazza designed by the Baroque master Gian Lorenzo Bernini.

St Peter’s & Vatican City from Above

Duration: 3 hrs
Extras: entrance fees to the Dome
Designed for: everybodyKids-Friendly Tour

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