Kids-Friendly Tours

Kids-Friendly ToursKIDS-FRIENDLY TOURS have been specifically designed by ROMAN JOURNEYS PWT to meet the many needs children have (up to 11). These tours are based on Progressive Education, which finds its place in experience. Emphasis is given to learning by doing, while topics focus on thematic units. Finally an integration between the tour guide and the children is highlighted to actively involve children in the tour experience.

PinwheelKIDS-FRIENDLY TOURS never last more than 3/4 hours and are provided with special visual aid.

When a KIDS-FRIENDLY TOUR is booked, please notify me the age and sex of the big-boys & girls in the party; please inform me if your kid is a Special Kid, needing extra privileged care. I’ll do my very best to accomplish all their interests and needs.

For these guided tours contact me at

  • Children (up to 18) are eligible for a free pass at the Archaeological Area and in any public museum in Rome/Italy.
  • Students are eligible for a reduced ticket (up to 25).
  • Children (6-18) and university students (up to 26) are eligible for a discount at the Vatican Museums.
  • A valid ID/Student Card is required to be presented at the front-desk of the Archaeological Area and Vatican Museums to be considered eligible for a discount/free pass.
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