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Discover the picturesque Roman countryside, celebrated by travelers, poets and artists from ancient times to present day. Leave for a while the hustle and bustle of Rome and concede yourself the option to discover in one-day tour two UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Hadrian’s Villa & Villa d’Este

Adrian's VillaWhere history & nature live together perfectly blended! The quarries of travertine, forested hills, the impressive ancient Roman Hadrian’s Villa (C 2nd AD) as well as the superb villa of the late 1500s, whose gardens are magnified by tens of spectacular fountains. This is a true poster to be added on to your personal collection of Italian memories.

Villa d’Este was renewed by Cardinal d’Este in the late Renaissance and is still beautifully preserved. What makes the difference between this palace complex and other contemporary Italian villas lays in the elaborate gardens set among fountains of grottoes and sculptures. The scenery is made up by centenarian trees and the sea at your feet. Be ready to pinch yourself!

Then Hadrian’s Villa. Emperor Hadrian († 138 AD), who shared a true passion for Architecture, disliked the noisy Rome and liked better a much more personal place where letting him sinking in his thoughts…Hadrian’s Villa is four times the size of the city of Pompeii!

We’ll be discovering together how brilliant engineers and refined architects the Ancient Romans were, and how much wealthy Romans cared living in a natural environment modeled to fit at best their super-high quality-life standards.

Hadrian’s Villa & Villa D’Este

Duration: 6 hrs
Extras: by public transport: entrance fees to Villa d’Este & Hadrian’s Villa; round trip train tickets from/to Rome/Tivoli railway station; taxi from/to Tivoli. By private vehicle: entrance fees to Villa d’Este & Hadrian’s Villa, private vehicle.
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