Ostia Antica

Ancient Ostia

Do you love archaeological sites and don’t have time to visit Pompeii? Do you and your kids need a break from the hustle of Rome? If you want a morning out of the city away from the crowds, and to get a feel of the everyday life in ancient Roman times, about 2000 years ago, then you will enjoy this visit. If you’ve never been to Pompeii, well, do this trip as a taster.

Ancient OstiaOstia was the lively harbor city of ancient Rome founded in C 4th BC. The undertaken archaeological excavations brought the ancient city back to life, revealing Ostia’s unpredictably well preserved urban identity, consisting of houses belonging to aristocrats as well as lodging houses of the poorer. This is the ready-made chance to go back to ancient times, to give a look on how the middling and poorer Roman groups were living. What you will see are the remains of thermal baths, laundries, temples, a theatre and a forum, as well as shops, taverns and public toilets.
The guide will provide you with enlightening insights into the social life in this unmatched archaeological settlement, to let indulging yourself with idle daydreams…

Visit to the archeological area

Duration: 5 hrs
Extras: by public transport: entrance fees to the archaeological area, round trip metro tickets from/to Rome/Ostia Antica. By private car: entrance fees to the archaeological area, private vehicle.
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