Castel Gandolfo & Ariccia Palaces

Ariccia Chigi PalaceSeasoned visitors in Rome & longing to learn more? This is the perfect tour to take: spectacular views, intriguing stories related to Roman aristocratic families, popes & papal protégés. The setting is given by the generous green lands of the Alban Hills, the volcanic lakes and two marvelous villas designed by the master of 1600s, Gian Lorenzo Bernini.

Rome in summer season can be unbearably hot. This was certainly the reason why already in ancient times well-off Romans chose to reside in the so called Alban Hills, about 15 miles Southeast of the city, and this is why from 1628 popes revived this everlasting tradition. The papal palace in Castel Gandolfo is the summer residence of the popes, which beautifies the lovely square of the village.

Ariccia Chigi Palace int.

The Chigi Palace in Ariccia, together with its square & church, is a further masterpiece by Bernini. It was planned in the core of the 1600s as official residence for Cardinal Flavio Chigi, nephew of the Pope Alexander VII (1655), whose tastes were quite refined!

Chigi Palace is remarkable not only because of the artworks hosted there, but because of the unique preservation of its paintings and sculptures, to interior design, furnishings, and to ornamental architecture. In this uniquely well preserved palace each visitor has the chance to feel how life was in the exclusive Chigi estate in the late 1600’s.

Castel Gandolfo  & Ariccia Chigi Palace

Duration: 6 hrs
Extras: private vehicle; entrance fees to Chigi Palace.
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