Underground Rome

CatacombsRome’s multifaceted history can be easily experienced with this tour, totally out from the beaten-paths!
Princess Costanza, daughter of Emperor Constantine the Great, decided to built her impressive tomb by the grave of the martyr Agnes, to whom she was particularly devout (361 AD).

CatacombsWhen entering the mausoleum you’ll be easily mesmerized: the dim light filtering through the above windows and the impressive mosaics endow the circular room with a unique atmosphere. A second imposing church was built in the 600s AD just above the catacomb where St Agnes was buried. That’s the reason why Agnes’ Catacombs have been well preserved over the centuries and nowadays you can explore them at your own pace. A truly unexpected underground world, made out of tunnels and tombs, where humble people left a carved slab or a simple sign to remember their passed away, will be disclosing before you.

A further hidden wonder is still waiting for you: the celebrated St Clement’s Basilica. The 12th century church was built upon a 4th century church, which was built upon two Roman buildings. Plus, one of these houses a temple to the Eastern God Mithras. We walk down to all the levels and, again and again, your time-machine is asked to go back and forth to feel a bit of Ancient Rome, through Early Christian times to the core of the Middle Ages.
Rome’s multilayered essence has been captured at best now.

Underground Rome

Duration: 4 hrs
Extras: entrance fees to St Clement Basilica and to St Agnes’ catacombs; taxi ride from St. Agnes’ Catacombs to St Clement Basilica.
Designed for: everybodyKids-Friendly Tour

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