Rome Through the Ages

Tiberina Island

(Photo by Yanosso)

The several layers composing the Eternal City can be experienced at best with this city stroll devoted to areas densely populated already in Ancient times as well as in the Middle Ages, and whose urban plan often still reproduces the ancient one.

Rome fountainFrom Capitoline’s square, designed by Michelangelo, we enter the charming Jewish Ghetto, then Tiberina island, with its impressive hospital which replaced an ancient temple dedicated to the Greek God of Medicine and Healing.

Finally Trastevere district, formerly a poor neighborhood, nowadays transformed into a fancy area ― a truly night-hub ― fashionable among artists and foreigners from all over the world. This will be the opportunity to learn something about Rome during Fascist times and to grasp a picture of the city before the Dolce Vita, when Rome was just a town and the working class was confined in modest dwellings.

Rome Through the Ages

Duration: 4 hrs
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