Food Tour & Pasta Making Class


Foodie travelers longing to leave for a while the bustle of Rome need only 30 minutes to reach Frascati. The town is as lively as it was in the past when Ancient Romans first and popes later elected the place as their best holidays’ retreat. Feel free to take a… Continue reading

Private Wine Tasting


Gourmet travelers are welcome to take a break from the hustle & bustle of Rome and join us for an exclusive out from the beaten path wine tour experience. The tour is held in an exquisite wine bar located in the core of old Frascati, a lovely hamlet laying in… Continue reading

Castel Gandolfo & Ariccia Palaces

Ariccia Chigi Palace

Seasoned visitors in Rome & longing to learn more? This is the perfect tour to take: spectacular views, intriguing stories related to Roman aristocratic families, popes & papal protégés. The setting is given by the generous green lands of the Alban Hills, the volcanic lakes and two marvelous villas designed… Continue reading

Castel Gandolfo & the Halban Hills

Castel Gandolfo

(Photo by Gaucho) Need a break from rushed Rome? Seasoned travelers? A stunning highlights of the Alban Hills is offered through its National Park, the volcanic lakes & the Summer Papal Residence in Castel Gandolfo. A relaxing half-day tour to be offered to yourself and your family. Rome in summer… Continue reading

Ostia Antica

Ancient Ostia

Do you love archaeological sites and don’t have time to visit Pompeii? Do you and your kids need a break from the hustle of Rome? If you want a morning out of the city away from the crowds, and to get a feel of the everyday life in ancient Roman… Continue reading


Villa d'Este

(Photo by Anca1C) Discover the picturesque Roman countryside, celebrated by travelers, poets and artists from ancient times to present day. Leave for a while the hustle and bustle of Rome and concede yourself the option to discover in one-day tour two UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Hadrian’s Villa & Villa d’Este… Continue reading

Vatican Museums & St Peter’s

Vatican Museums

(Photo by Yanosso) The Vatican Museums are the biggest museum complex in the word. With its 9 miles of galleries and more than 65.000 artworks on display, such as tapestries, frescoes, classical antiquities including Greek, Egyptian & Etruscan, as well as the Sistine Chapel, Raphael’s Rooms and so forth, it’s… Continue reading

St Peter’s & Vatican City from Above

St. Peter

(Photo by Karin Cox) The magical enchantment of Rome can be captured from above only! This tour is for those who like Rome as an ensemble of red roofs and green spots; huge domes blended in a unique nuance of colors. This tour is dedicated to those who like taking… Continue reading

Borghese Gallery

Borghese Gallery

The stunning Borghese Gallery is set in a beautiful park in Rome’s center. It was Cardinal Scipio Borghese who in the early 1600s conceived the idea to build an art gallery to magnify his figure as patron of the arts and art collector. Borghese Gallery is a true repository of… Continue reading

Underground Rome


Rome’s multifaceted history can be easily experienced with this tour, totally out from the beaten-paths! Princess Costanza, daughter of Emperor Constantine the Great, decided to built her impressive tomb by the grave of the martyr Agnes, to whom she was particularly devout (361 AD). When entering the mausoleum you’ll be… Continue reading